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What kinds of soldering methods are there for solar panels?

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Eutectic photovoltaic solar cell series welding machine is one of the most important equipments in the solar module production line.
Eutectic photovoltaic solar cell series welding machine is one of the most important equipments in the solar module production line. If the welding battery is not controlled properly, it will cause heat spots, debris and so on. When it is serious, it will affect the life of the assembly and even burn the component, so the welding battery chip is set as an independent process, so that it can be monitored and viewed at any time. The traditional welding is manual welding battery chip. Because of its low efficiency and high cost, it has been gradually eliminated and replaced with automatic series welding machine, which is also divided into a variety of welding methods. The following is a brief introduction of the solar string welding machine about which several welding methods. Manufacturers of solar fully automatic string welding machine generally adopt the following welding methods: 1, hot air welding: non-contact heating method. Welding by heating air at high temperature; 2, infrared light welding: Non-contact welding method, by selecting the appropriate wavelength of infrared radiation to heat the solder joint to complete the welding work; 3, electromagnetic induction welding: Non-contact welding method, using electromagnetic induction heating to weld the end metal; 4, soldering iron welding: contact welding, using the heat of the soldering iron head to weld; In these welding processes, infrared welding technology is more and more popular in the market because of its unique advantages. Infrared welding technology can become the mainstream of technology. It uses the non-contact heating method to radiate the solder joint. The surface of the solder joint can be melted rapidly under the infrared radiation and the welding strength can be very high. The practice shows that the solder joint surface can be melted rapidly and the welding strength is very high. After infrared welding, the bonding strength between them is much higher than that of other welding processes. Infrared welding has many advantages, such as low cost and high stability. The thermal capacity and heating efficiency are high. These advantages are very important in the production process of solar cell module. Jiangxi eutectic photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a high-tech enterprise. Eutectic photovoltaic has been committed to crystal silicon solar cells, modules, photovoltaic applications and related solar products R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical support.

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